Deadpool Makeover

“Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots” – Deadpool

Common sense…Deadpool has it so you should too!  As a Special FX Makeup Artist, I am constantly trying to learn new techniques and get better and faster at my craft.  Body painting, face painting, special fx, it’s all so fun yet each year there are new challenges that arise.  I like to practice making new characters and try new techniques before booking appointments with clients who have crazy expectations.  For weeks now I have been asking my boyfriend if he would let me paint him for practice and like the sweet guy he is, he said no.  🙁  He didn’t want to be a Disney Princess or Transformer.  But guess what?  I not only got him to say yes BUT I also managed to get him to agree to a complete special fx makeover and to film it and make a time lapse and make a short film.  Say whaaaaat?  HOW???  Well ladies, common sense.  Give the man what he wants.  And I know what my man likes, Deadpool!  He has a major man crush on, Deadpool and is a huge fan of the Deadpool Comics and Marvel series.  So what better way to get what I want than by giving him something that he wants, cool comic book action shots.  Win win for both of us and lots of fun too.

Halloween isn’t the only day of year anymore that people dress up.  Festivals, events, and celebrations now seem to take over the entire fall season giving you more reasons to dress up and me more reasons to practice.  Nothing makes me happier than extreme makeovers and this year, I decided to kick off my makeovers the Marvel way, with Deadpool.  Between the comic books, fan art, and new movie coming out in February 2016, this antihero has been portrayed in many different ways.  Inspired by a darker version of the original comic book Deadpool, I was able to transform my boyfriend, Andrew Colton, into the real life antihero for a short film makeover trial and time lapse video as practice for our actual short film.


“I hate being the voice of reason but maybe you shouldn’t rip that lady’s face off” –  Deadpool

Oh really?  Then I guess I’ll just have to rip off part of yours.  Andrew and I came up with this idea where we thought it would be cool to not only see the masked character but also see the unmasked character at the same time.  We decided to show Deadpool wearing a torn mask that is exposing his burned skin.  The comic book Deadpool has severely burned skin that is healing which reminded me of Freddy Kruger’s face.  I decided to play off this idea and have Deadpool’s mask ripped near the bottom, revealing the lower half of his face.  After agreeing to this idea, Andrew and I came up with a strategy on how we were going to transform him into the character.  Deadpool’s disguise is red and black head to toe with white eyes.  As far as makeup goes, I agreed to do everything but his eyes.  Sclara contact lenses can be used to cover an entire eye however, they are expensive and can take days to get in the mail.  Andrew agreed to transform the eyes during his editing process.  As far as makeup, my list of supplies is as follows:

– Vinyl bald cap

– Acetone

– Prosaide

– Hair Gel

– Hair Spray

– Hair Brush

– Glycerine

– Gelatin

– Black Eyeliner Pencil

– Hair Dryer

– Water

– Cotton Balls

– Liquid Latex

– Graftobian Foundation Pallet

– Ben Nyne Bruise Wheel

– Paradise Body Paints

– Fab Body Paints

– Paint Brushes

– Toy Gun

– Acrylic Paint

– Setting Spray

***  Just a FYI, as far as supplies go, I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and luckily live near my favorite Special FX Supply company, Silly Farm.  If you live in South Florida and are in need of Special FX paints and products or just have questions, I highly recommend going their.  The owner and staff are very friendly and highly knowledgable about all of their supplies.  They can work with your budget and give you great tips and advice for your next artistic project.  For those that are not in the area, their website is ***

After gathering my materials, I came up with an order of how I would be assembling the character.  My order is as follows:

1.  Slick down the Hair

2.  Apply the bald cap

3.  Apply the Geletin

4.  Apply the Liquid Latex and Cotton Balls

5.  Paint the fake Skin

6.  Paint the Mask

7.  Eat a chimichanga

“Not a fan of Mexican food?  Ok you die first.” – Deadpool

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best of plans run into problems and in this case, I ran into a problem with detail.  After applying the bald cap and fake skin, I realized that Deadpool’s ears are not exposed with the mask on.  Wanting to stay true to the character, I decided to make his mask more destroyed, leaving more of his skin exposed.  I painted lines around the head on where I wanted the mask to end and skin begin.  After finishing his skin, I painted his mask using several coats of body paint.  Even though we ran into a detail issue and I had to adjust my makeover, I do not look at this as a loss.  This was a trial makeover and practice for the real makeover for the short film.  I would much rather learn from my mistakes than run into issues on the day of the shoot.  Stay positive and don’t freak out when things don’t go your way.  Some of the most famous makeovers of all time were created “by accident”….or at least created by an artistic idea.  Bottom line, learn from your mistakes or learn to work with your mistakes.

“Sometimes I question my sanity.  Occasionally it talks back” – Deadpool

If you would like to listen to your inner awesomeness that’s telling you to take a whack at my Deadpool Makeover, my instructions are below.  Enjoy guys and don’t forget to check out the short film and see the difference between my first Deadpool makeover with Andrew verses the Actor’s Makeover for the film.

Deadpool Instructions:


1.  Using the hair brush, hair gel, and hair spray, smooth down the hair as close to the scalp as possible and let dry.

2.  Have the model apply the bald cap to see how it fits

3.  With the Black Eyeliner Pencil, mark areas on the bald cap that need to be removed

4.  Remove the bald cap and cut off excess material

5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 if needed

6.   Apply the bald cap to the model making sure it’s secure.  While having the model hold down the sides, peel up the front middle section and apply a small amount of Prosaide.  Peel the cap back over the glue and let dry.  This is creating an anchor.

7.  Again having your model hold the sides and tilt their head back towards you, peel up the back middle section of the neck.  Apply Prosaide and stretch the cap down, letting the glue dry and be your 2nd anchor.

8.  Choose a side and have the model tilt their head toward you for the side you are securing.  Again, peel up the fabric below the ear and apply Prosaide.  Stretch the fabric over the glue and let it dry.

9.  Repeat #8 for the other side of the head

10.  Check your anchors making sure all 4 are secure.  Apply more glue if needed to any areas that seem to be insecure.

11.  With your paint brush and acetone, paint the acetone around the edge of your bald cap where it meets the skin, making sure that the fabric is melting down onto the skin smoothly.

12.  Mix your water, glycerine, and gelatin powder together.  Heat for 10-15 seconds in the microwave.  Once all melted, stir making sure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together.  Let cool, not solidify.

13.  Take a spoon and pour a small amount of gelatin onto your hand to test the temperature before applying any to the model’s skin.

14.  Once you have confirmed that the gelatin is cool enough to apply, use a spoon to apply the gelatin to the model’s face where you want the exposed skin to be.

15.  Using the hair dryer, set to cool and dry the gelatin on the skin

16.  Taking a cotton ball, pull the fabric apart, separating the ball into finer, thinner, flatter pieces.  Do not pull completely apart.  Your goal is to create something that looks similar to those fake cobwebs you see hung up on Halloween.

17.  Place your fake cobwebs onto the gelatin, they should slightly stick.  Using a brush and liquid latex, paint over the cobwebs.  It gets really sticky so use your fingers if it’s easier.

18.  Use the hair dryer, again on the cool setting, to dry the skin.

19.  With your Foundation Pallet and Bruise Wheel, paint the skin

20.  Using the Body Paints, paint the mask onto the model’s face and bald cap

21.  Set with Setting Spray or Hair Spray

22.  Text Wolverine

23.  Take a Selfie

24.  Order pizza

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