Makeup Macgyvering Your Way Out of Life’s Worse Scenarios

We have all been there, it’s awful, it’s terrible, it’s the worst…it’s LOOKING LIKE TOTAL SHIT. Here’s a breakdown of Life’s worse makeup scenarios and how to handle them like a BOSS.
1) You wake up annnnnd it’s not exactly where you want to be or who you want to be with…or is it? Maybe he’s cute and he’ll ask you to stay for breakfast or what if you’re the fugly one and have to do the walk of shame. Fear no more with this Black Out Drunk Glamour Strategy: Get up and go to his bathroom with your purse. Use his soap or body wash to rinse off the smeared makeup left on your face. For the girls who pack every beauty product in their purse, this is a no brainer but for the ones who don’t, this is where you are Makeup Macgyver. Look in his drawers or cabinets for his manly beauty products. Baby Powder is a life saver. Sprinkle a little in your hair at the root to dry up any excess oil and sprinkle a little in your hand to apply on your face to mattify. Vaseline is another life saver. Apply a little bit on your lips to moisturize or rub a small amount onto your T Zone if you are dry, making sure to rub completely into the skin and following with the baby powder to mattify. If wearing waterproof mascara that got messed up and didn’t come off with his soap. Use a Qtip with Vaseline to remove. If you have a pink or red shade of lip color in your purse, apply lightly to your lips and cheeks, making sure to massage the product completely into your skin to give you a natural blush look. Again follow with baby powder to mattify. Apply a little bit of his deodorant and swish a little bit of listerine and you officially “woke up like this”. One night stand on fleek!
2) You are out at the club and rocking the most awesome lashes until you realize…you lost one. No need to panic because you can continue partying the night away by Makeup Macgyvering your look. Go to the restroom and use the mirror to peel off your remaining lash. Using your ring finger, peel off any remaining glue on your eyelid. ( Your ring finger is your weakest finger and therefore will be the gentlest on your eye) If you do not have your eyeshadow with you, proceed with this. Using your ring finger or a piece of tissue, blend your eyeshadow all the way down to your lash line, covering all open skin. If you are in a club that has the bathroom filled with scented lotions and perfumes, you can also use a little bit of lotion on your eyelid to blend out the remaining eyeshadow. Less is key for this strategy because applying lotion to your eyelid can also remove your eyeshadow if using too much or can irritate your eye if getting inside. If you were also rocking a heavy contoured face to go along with your heavy eye like most women do, use tissue to blend down your contour. Since you are now rocking a more toned down version of your eye, you want to tone down your face in order to balance out your look. Reapply your lip stick to now make your lips the star of your look. Second makeup look of the night like WOW!
3) You wake up late for work and do not have time to apply makeup however, you can NOT be seen in public without makeup. Key products to gab: Tinted Moisturer, Lip Stick, and Liquid Eyeliner. Use your tinted moisturizer as your concealer and foundation. Apply evenly to your face and then add extra to the areas where you need more coverage. Use your eye liner to line your eye and then brush lightly through your lashes to give them a natural tint of color. Apply your lipstick evenly to your lips and then take a dab to your cheeks, massaging the color into your skin. Office look nailed!

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