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“Looking good is the BEST revenge”…as the saying goes.  But is it really???

I know recently one of my best friends mailed her ex a box of shit.  Yep, she was so mad at her exboyfriend that she found a website that lets you pick out a type of animal shit and it ships the box to the person you hate most.  Creative?!  I think so!  I had another friend who was so mad at her exboyfriend that she mailed him a vag cleansing kit with a note attached saying how, “To the biggest pussy I know, thinking of you.”  And finally, I had a friend who was so mad at her ex/boss that she decided to quit her relationship and job.  She worked at a local pizza company and was dating the manager.  She waited until the busiest time on a Friday night to have her friends call in and order 50 of their favorite pizzas, aka the most expensive.  When her delivery car was packed with that order along with many other customers’ orders, she took off to deliver the best break up party of all time. Who wouldn’t love the hot single girl who delivered 100 pizzas to a party?!

Awwww revenge, it can be pretty sweet.  It’s that feeling you get, a rush, knowing that you have the upper hand.  A feeling that’s empowering like, you have taken a piece of yourself back.  Lately, it seems as though the social media has been flooded by breakup posts from celebrities with hashtags #revengebod or #eatyourheartout.  These posts have started a movement by women who are supporting each other through their breakups.  For the first time in the history of social media, positive posts are flooding sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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